Trying dumb beauty hacks😂

Hi blog!

Today I thought I would do a fun post today and try out some dumb hacks I found on the Internet😂

Hope you enjoy!

Longer lashes hack:

The first hack is we’re you add a layer of cotton wool every time you apply a layer of mascara so i tried it out and it actually worked 😂


Tea tanning hack:

So the next one is we’re you can use tea bags as self tanner 😂 by simply leaving tea bags to soak in warm water for 5 mins and rubbing the tea bag on the place you want to be more tanned 😂

Surprisingly this actually worked but I don’t think I would ever use it again…


Under eye circle hack:

The next hack is where you use red lipstick under concealer to cover up dark under eye circle unfortuantley I lost the images for this one but it did not work because it did not make any difference 😂


Orange makeup remover hack:

So this final hack is using oranges (yes the fruit) as makeup remover

Supprisingly this one worked but however i do not advise doing this one as citrus fruit can sting your eyes (I found this out the hard way😂)


I hope you enjoyed this post it took me quite a while to do so sorry it’s up late😂 I am also aiming to do one post every day this week!

Thanks for reading,

Ella xx


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