Baylis&harding limited edition💎

Hi blog!Today’s post is going to be a quick little review on the Baylis & Harding limited edition bath set,

To be honest I have never really been interested in b&h,the only products I have tried Are things like hand soap or lotion that I have bought my mum for Christmas or something😂

But for my birthday this year my grandma had bought me these as a extra gift,

The first product in this small collection is a soap which did come very nicely packaged,however the soap dose not really have a very in resting smell it just smells like any ok plain soap, but don’t get me wrong it is still a nice scent.


The final thing in this review was the b&h body wash,the smell of the body wash is just the same as the soap but however it comes in a very large container/bottle so It should last a very long time.

 I hoped you enjoyed this little review 
Thanks for reading,

Ella xx

Try out Baylis & Harding⤵️


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