Summer lip favourites

Hi blog,

Around this time last month I posted a ‘Spring lip favorites’ so I thought I would do a similar post and do a summer lip favorites, like this post I you are exited for summer!!

Nivea lip butter ‘blueberry blush’

During the summer I always seem to have chapped lips for some reson so one of my favorite lip balms to use are the Nivea lip butters especially in blueberry blush.

Baby lips ‘melon mania’

Melon mania is definitely my favorite baby lips because it smells  very fruity and it leaves a slight tint on your lips.

 Avon lipstick ‘pure pink’

The Avon lipstick was in my Spring favorites as well because I think it is great for all year round it’s a really nice lipstick and dries matte.

Dior lip fluid ‘455’

This is probably my mid worn lip product this summer (so far) it is very natural and it is not matte I really like this lip product!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I have started to post every Sunday and Tuesday at 5:00pm!

Thanks for reading,

Ella xx


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