Top 3 summer scents

Hi blog,

Firstly I just wanted to say sorry for the late upload and the rubbish photographs I just didn’t have a lot of time to post this blog post…,

I also wanted to say thank you for nearly 3oo views which I know probably dose not sound a lot to most of you but considering I have only had this blog for nearly 1 month that is INSANE ! Thank you sooooooo much 😜

Anyway on with this weeks post over the summer season I have been wearing a lot of diffrent scents but these ones are my favorite! Hope you enjoy xox

Victoria secret “love spell”

This is one of my favorites as it smells just like something you would drink in summer…. The scent of this is red plum it really smells amazing!

Buy this spray :
I love … “Blackberry and raspberry”

This body spray is also one of my faves mainly because it is small and easy to take everywhere such as travel,or p.e.  It also has a strong fruity scent and I guess you would either love it or hate it.

Buy this spray:

Zoella “blissfull mist full”

I oviously love this spray as I said in my

Zoella beauty review whenever I ask someone what spay they want they always chose this one as it has a really fresh scent !

Buy this spray :

Hope you enjoyed this post and one more big thank you for nearly 300 views! Make sure to check out my blog every Sunday and Tuesday 

Thanks for reading

Ella xx

Warning: cookies may be used on the websites linked 😜😂


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