New year, fresh start 

Hi blog !

It’s allready been a whole week since the new year and my goal for this year is to make it a good one,

1) changing my blog?

No I am not completely changing my blog but since I started this blog back in April I have made a big setup and took photos and it was all a bit too staged for my liking so from now on I’m going to make my posts as real as possible and making them chatty and suff. 

2) take up some kind of sport or activity

Most of the time I’m your typical chouch potato so my goal for this year is to take up some kind of sport.

3) choose wisley 

Since I’m in year 9 I will be picking my options for my GCSEs I already have and idea of what I want to pick , French, business and photography.

Tips for picking options.

  • Don’t choose something just because your friends are ( think about your future not who you are going to be sitting with in lessons)
  • Don’t be pressured by ANYONE to pick ( obviously you can get ideas from people ) but don’t chose something if you really don’t want to do it.
  • Do something you love , now it’s obvious that not everyone loves maths or science but sill make sure you concentrate in those lessons but make sure you chose something you love and your good at.

Anyway make sure you have an amazing new year.

Thanks for reading,

Ella xx


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