2016 on one page ☕️

Hi blog! 

So as 2016 in now over I thought I would show you my year in one page hope you enjoy! 


In March I went on a 2 week tour around Europe with my family, we saw many different places,

April : 

We arrived in Slovenia and stayed in a little log cabin ( basically part of someone’s house but it was really nice) 

Also found out that Slovenia sold rainbow eggs 😂

April 4 🎉

Since my birthday is at the very start of April I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Munich.

A few weeks after we got back in late April I started my blog.


In late May we visited some family down in Cornwall.


Spent a lot of my summer in the local park, with friends,


Spent a few days away with dads family in Cornwall, and in robin hoods bay with mums family, 


In November I reached 1000 on my blog ! 



2016 has been an amazing for me me and I am very thankful for being able to have a blog and being able to have seen lots of places.

Thank you,

Ella xx


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