Recent buys…


So I’ve been away again I know and this time I have no excuse so I’m very sorry about that..

But I would like to talk about some recent beauty buys that I have purchased recently and it’s been quite a while since I had bought these so it gave me chance to test them out and have a good opinion on them so I hope you enjoy! Xx 

Lush ocean salt face and body scrub.

I had herd a lot of good opinions on this product so I thought I would try I out and I’m very glad I did. I usually have been very lucky with my skin so I very rarely get breakouts or redness but when I do this had really helped to clear them up. But one of the problems with my skin is it gets very dry an sensitive, so I use this product and I helps to moisturise and keep my skin fresh, also like I did mention I have very sensitive skin so I opted for the self preserving as it is a lot smoother on the skin rather than the ordinary one.

Sleek hilighting pallet: cliopatras kiss

This hand down has to be one of my favorite purchases recently, it comes with four highlighting shades two of which are cream and two are powder but they are all really well chosen shades and I think would look really nice on any skin tone (depending on what you like) the only problem I would say it has is it does get messy very quickly but is not a problem if that dosent bother you 

Nyx soft matte lip cream:Zurich 

I have never been a fan of liquid lipsticks to be honest because I find them really strand irritating on my lips but I had herd a lot about these and thought I would try this out and it is now one of my favorite lip products, they do fell a little drying but Not as much as others, and they last a long time. I definately recommend.

Sleek eyeshadow pallet.

Although I don’t ware eyeshadow much I thought i would try this one out from sleek, I has some really nice shades such as reds and natural greens. The downside to this pallet though is it only has three matte shades so if you prefer matte eyeshows I don’t recommend this.

Buy ocean salt:

Buy sleek hilighter:

But Nyx liquid lipstick:

Buy sleek eyeshadow pallet:

Thanks so much for reading,

Ella xx


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