•Spring lip favourites• 2017


Yep I’m bringing it back!, around this time last year I posted my spring lip favorites, check it out hear-https://blogwithella.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/favourite-spring-lip-products-%f0%9f%90%a3/

So I thought I would bring it back again, hope you enjoy! 

Mua velvet lip lacquer in tranquility – £3 at SuperDrug.

As I said in a previous post in not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks, mainly because I don’t like the feel of them on my lips but I did find that these ones were not as heavy, because it’s so pigmented that you only need a small coat, this is definitely more on the affordable side but they are a lot better than some more priceier drug store ones I’ve tried. I’m also obsessed with the coulor! You will probably see a pattern in this post when it comes to coulor (But I will just say the coulor that instantly goes on your lips is not always the coulor in the tube it dries to the actual coulor eventually).

Nyx soft matte lip cream in Zurich- 5.50 at boots.

If you read my last post you will probably remember this as it was mentioned, and yes it’s another liquid lipstick but I do find that these one are probably the best( that I’ve tried) when it comes to dryness don’t get me wrong they do feel a little drying as do all liquid lipsticks but u have found that I forget that I’m even wearing them and also they last a very long time and not to mention the coulor which is a kind of darkish dusty rose coulor.

Miss guided gloss boss lipgloss,

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the name of this one as it came in a set with a nail varnish, in spring I do like to ware lip glosses as I think they look more natural and not as heavy as lipsticks do but there is always a problem when it comes to lipgloss and that is that it never seems to last long and that’s the best thing about this because it lasts, I. Also really like the coulor of it and surprisingly considering it’s a lip gloss it’s really pigmented.

Seventeen lipgloss in blossom.

Althoughthis is probably my least favourite out of the lot I thought I would still put it in, if you are looking for a lip gloss that lasts a very long time then it’s probably best you stay away form this one as you do have to top it up a lot during the day and also the coulor that c Mrs off into your lips is not necessarily the coulor in the tube which is understandable as its a lipgloss but apart from that the lipgloss adds a natural shimmer to your lips and I don’t find it to be sticky at all so I defiantly recommend this for spring! 

Thanks so much for reading there will be a new post out on Monday at 5 so make Shure you look out for that,

Ella xx


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