Probably the most honest post


This  was ment to go up a week ago sorry,

I’ve been quite distant from my blog recently and haven’t uploaded a post in a week or so it’s not that I haven’t wanted to post but there has been a few things on my mind so I thought I would talk about it,

Ever since I was younger  I have always been quite the worrier but obviously everyone worries about things and its compleatly normal to. But A few years ago things I guess you could say got a lot worse than the usual things I would worry about. A couple years ago my mum and stepdad broke up (it wasn’t terrible and there still friends now) but when my mum and dad broke up I was very young so I don’t remember any of that so with me being older it obviously affected me a bit more. On top of this I had just started highschool which I had worried about even more and all this happening at once kind of acted like a bit of a trigger and started to make my worries grow a lot more and it went through fazes setteling down and comming up again  I don’t know any other way to say but I felt like it was taking over my life and didn’t go a day in a couple years or so without having worrying constantly an recently everything became a worse than usual, for example in school if somebody looked at me I would instaltly think they hated me or disliked me (sounds stupid I know) and I would then have to avoid that one person, or another example I saw someone in my family upset and they said they were fine to probably stop me from worring but this would make me worry even more and for some reason I just don’t realise in that moment everyone gets upset weather they are adults or not. And at the same time I delt with a few friendship group problems which caused stress but is sorted now.

It all is very hard to explain because probably from what I have told you It just sounds like someone who worries a lot but to individuals it hard to deal which the constant paranoia of things which will probably never happen.

Obviously everyone goes through something diffrent but I could give you one peice of advice I would be to tell someone. I just recently told my dad and then mum and grand perants an closest friends and also been to see someone outside of family and friends and now feel better that I have.

Thank you for reading 

I’m in no way shape or form trying to put my self in a catigory of some form such as mental health  as this is one of the reasons I didn’t want to upload this a week ago because I didn’t want people thinking I was trying to diagnose myself with something as mental health is something a lot of people go through and is a serious topic I’m just explaining my perspective/experience.

Thank you

Ella xx

Any questions you have feel free to ask.


9 thoughts on “Probably the most honest post

  1. angela sutcliffe says:

    I would think Ella for writing all your feelings and emotions down, and for you to be sharing them with all your family and friends is a very brave thing to do, I am so glad you opened up the other Sunday and told us how anxious you really feel sometimes. by doing this, everyone close to you, can support you when you need it! There is no Quick fix! but in time you can learn to manage your anxiety with practice. and to rationalise your fears and worries. I am so very very proud of you, in everything you do, as is the rest of your very loving family, you are such a lovely, thoughtful, caring gentle person, who would do anything for anybody. and that’s why you deserve the best out of life, which I have no doubt you will get…. your very loved Ella by so many. your loving Grandma. xxxxx


  2. maddyloveslife says:

    We’re all here to help you and we’re always here if you need someone to talk to. You’ve taken the first step and opened up about it and that’s so brave of you. It shows initiative and pro-activity that you’ve talking about it and sharing it. You’re such an amazing person that anxiety can’t and won’t get you down for long, it will go and it won’t be with you forever. You have the strength to get by and the people to help you through and I know that you will get through it. Xx


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