Some quick tips on starting a blog.


So a lot of my post recently I have been talking or reviewing and as I have been looking trough my past posts I have realised I don’t have many helpful posts, although my blog is small I thought I would tell you all some tips on starting a blog.

1) write what you want to write about

Don’t be pressured to write about a certain for example I you see a blog that is based around beauty and is getting lost of views and likes but you want to write about travel for example don’t be pressured to write about something your not interested in.

2) focus on quality not quantity it’s not all about the numbers.

I have had my blog for over a year now and although it has been a year my blog still remains small which is OK I’ve seen many a comments on other people posts say how do you get so many likes? Etc…. But if you are just focusing on how big your blog is your probably not taking intress in the content, (you will find the blogs with content people are intressed in is the ones who people are most likely to read).

3) add images! 

Obviously it’s each to there own when it comes to blogging because a blog is soposed to be why you like so it’s up to you weather you add images or not but I bet you most people click on posts because of a striking image.

4) find people with blogging intressets to talk to.

One of my closest a friends also has a blog and it is one thing that I think is useful when having a blog because you can chat about your next post or plan together, it’s also great when you are constantly snapchatting each other when you reach your next milestone😂

5) have fun!

As cliche as it sounds blogging is soposed to be something fun so enjoy it because a lot of good things can come out of it.

Thank you for reading this post I hope it helped.

Any more tips feel free to share X 

Ella xx


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